How much is the SDS?

Single administration

For a single user, the SDS online experience includes test administration and a comprehensive, customized report for just $9.95.

Single User
administration and report
$ 9 . 95

How do I pay?

You may pay by credit card, through PayPal®, or with a Group ID and password (if these have been provided to you). Then click “Take the SDS.” Enter the required demographic information and click “Continue.”

Once you complete the test, a customized report will be generated. You can download and save or print your report immediately.

Are group discounts available?

Yes! Those who administer the SDS frequently or need to purchase more than one administration should consider a group account, which offers discounted pricing. With an SDS group account, you can also designate an e-mail address where your clients' reports can be sent, so you can monitor usage and results.

Setting up a group account for multiple administrations is easy. If you wish to pay by credit card, click “Purchase group account uses” in the upper-right corner of your screen. Then, select the quantity of uses you’d like to buy and enter a Group ID, which will be used by all people to whom you distribute uses. Next, enter your billing information—including your credit card payment details.

After you enter your payment information, you’ll have the option of entering an additional e-mail address to which copies of all reports will be sent. Click “Check out.” You’ll receive an e-mail that includes a list of passwords, one for each use you purchased. In addition, the e-mail includes instructions that can be forwarded to test takers regarding how to access the assessment. If you wish to pay for a group account with an institutional purchase order, check, or wire transfer, please contact PAR Customer Support at 1.866.727.2884 or e-mail SDS Customer Support.

Group account pricing

Those who need to purchase several administrations of the SDS receive a volume discount.

$ 9 . 95  each
$ 8 . 95  each
$ 7 . 95  each
$ 6 . 95  each


SDS Partnership purchase options tailor access and payment options to meet your needs. It's perfect for larger organizations, and a variety of partnership types are available. With an SDS partnership, you can customize group access via a partnership Web page or custom link that can include your logo and branding and any instructions you wish to provide; designate an e-mail address where your clients' reports can be sent, so you can monitor usage and results; and receive a data file of your clients' assessment results for further analysis.

For more information about SDS group accounts and partnerships, download the SDS Group Accounts and Partnerships flyer, call 1.866.727.2884, or e-mail SDS Customer Support.